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About Rodeo & Ride

A little about us.

We are a rural based Australian business. We have two boys who keep us very busy enjoying everything Rodeo & Ride.

We all ride horses. Mr & Mrs enjoy campdrafting, Ag shows and local challenges. The boys love local Ag shows, sporting, mustering and poddy calf riding. This year we step up to the unassisted age group so Mum is not so keen on this. 

The boys and their Dad love tearing around, jumping and racing on their dirt bikes. Again Mum is not so keen - she usually takes a brown paper bag with her to reduce the risk of hyperventilation from all the frightened gasps.  

What started Rodeo & Ride.

Living rurally made it quite difficult to access good quality and affordable clothing for our boys to wear everyday. We also wanted to bring some new brands to Australia. We do have a strong Australian pride and have decided our our brand Tees are to be 100% Australian! They are 100% made from Australian cotton and the garments are made here in Australia as is the environmentally friendly printing.

Thanks for visiting Rodeo & Ride.

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