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This a collection of beautiful images and short stories of amazing People and Horses within the Cutting and Campdrafting industry in Australia. A true treasure to own and display in your home.

From the foothills of the Carnarvon Gorge, in what’s commonly referred to as ‘Gods Country’, grew and inspired a tough, artistic woman, with horses and a love for the country pumping through her veins.”

We first met Liz through our shared loved of cutting horses. The Speeds offered Jason a place to work a few horses for a few weeks to fill a gap. That few days turned in to five incredible years.

We had the privilege of living in this special woman’s world, when there was never a day, she didn’t have her camera. It seemed the entire world stopped the moment Liz found the perfect shot and by golly she found a few! She also had a special affinity for animals – it was not uncommon for Liz to arrive at the arena with four horses, three dogs and a poddy calf in tow. She just loved her animals.

Liz was a keen cutting competitor with an instinctively sharp eye with a camera. It seemed only natural Liz would end up as one of the most familiar and well-liked faces in the cutting world right down the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. She became the official photographer at all major shows – the NCHA Futurity, National Finals and weekend shows.

A long-held goal for Liz was to produce a book. Liz’s love of the sport of cutting , its horses and its people provided the material and the inspiration. Enjoy the wonderful stories of cutting’s influential characters through the lens of our great friend; enjoy her lifetime’s goal brought to life.

Congratulations Liz.

Jason & Rachel Leitch

Beyond the Reins book by Liz Speed

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