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Verdure meaning the fresh green colour of lush vegetation, is certainly reflected in this stunning artwork and also has a lovely woven visual layer adding detail to the print.

Esther Fallon Lau is an Australian artist and textile designer inspired by nature, vintage & global trends. Using hand-drawn whimsical motifs and rich textural overlays, she aims to convey a sense of delight, wonder & movement in her work.

Dimensions approximately 25cm H x 25cm W with an opening of 15cm for maximum ease of use. Each YellowBird Clutch is unique and pattern placement may vary from image. Fabric lining also varies from clutch to clutch. All YellowBird clutches are handmade, to the highest standards, in South Australia.

YellowBird was established in 2010 by Director, Designer and Maker Lynley Slater producing handmade clutch purses and bags in true slow fashion style.

Mint Verdure Amelie clutch - Medium

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