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Your feet, those unsung heroes, deserve love and pampering. Our Triple Treat for Feet Collection is a three-step passport to foot paradise. And for a limited time, each order comes with a bonus foot file to elevate your foot care ritual.

For buffed and polished footsies, prep with the Pumice Foot Scrub-A-Dub-Dub. Its natural exfoliants of pumice, bamboo and sandalwood will abolish dead skin while the Tasmanian Peppermint leaves your feet refreshed. Once you're primed. you can slather on the nourishing Soothe & Smooth Foot Crème. With Lemon Rind Oil, the rich crème will give a boost of hydration, restoring and moisturising dry flaky skin and heels. When feeling sore and tired, invigorate and comfort your muscles by massaging in our Supercool Muscle Rub. The Tasmanian Peppermint cools the skin while algae extract helps stimulate blood flow.

Get footloose and fancy-free with this trio of treats for your feet.

Travelling Foot Theory

SKU: 9343055099003
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